Java Hut: A Brentwood Tradition

Tuesday, February 05, 2013 - By: Lindsay B-E, Alex ‘14

Photos by Asha U, Hope '13 & Lindsay B-E, Alex ‘14

Playing in a Showcase game against Shawnigan, or taking a mid-year examination, can bring fear. So too can standing, alone, on stage, with a mic and a guitar, instill trepidation and anxiety. The gripping knot in one’s stomach is all too real in times of pressure, and therefore the feat of live performance should not and cannot go unrecognized.

It is truly a remarkable accomplishment to perform in front of peers.

Some of this pressure, however, was diminished this past weekend. With its supportive and welcoming atmosphere, Saturday night was one of the most highly anticipated evenings of Brentwood’s second term: the school talent show, Java Hut.

Held annually in the old dining hall, the night provides an opportunity for students to display a wide variety of talents in the performing arts. The tradition began with Mr. Johnston (now Director of Admission) several years ago; it has since blossomed into a cherished event on the Brentwood calendar.

Organized by members of the Student Activities Committee (SAC) and hosted by Grade 12s Robert L and Nyla ND, the evening proved a delightful success - as always. Each year continues to top the last with the oft-hidden talent of our students. Though sports frequently grab the spotlight, Java Hut allows performing artists to take center stage in a comforting and less formal setting than in the T. Gil Bunch Theatre.

Ranging from acoustic and acapella songs, to monologues, to skits and back again, some highlights included Advanced Rock Band, Aidan C with a cover of “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes, Jon C’s classic retelling of the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in 30 seconds or less and the staff’s interpretation of Monty Python. “Mr. Norwood and Mr. Wismer make a great pair,” commented Kelsey S about the teachers’ “Ministry of Silly Walks” skit.

There’s something to be said about the magic of seeing a shy classmate step onstage for the first time; it urges one to lean in towards the edge of the seat. Seeing a timid acquaintance come alive is a treat that is far from the norm. That’s Java Hut.

Huge thank yous to Sammy J for getting the acts together, Aetheline C for her tech work, the numerous other volunteers, and to each performer for his or her courage and talent Saturday night.

Lindsay B-E, Alex ‘14

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