Java Hut 2020

Sunday, February 23, 2020 - By: Ben H, Privett ‘21; Photo by Will M, Privett ;20

On Saturday, February 8, Brentwood hosted a very special event called Java Hut. Here, students and staff who have a special talent, such as singing or playing an instrument, could showcase themselves to their classmates and teachers.

On the weekend before the students left for their well-deserved midterm break, after five weeks of classes between January and mid-February, the waiting was finally over and we were able to perform.

“It was a very exciting feeling to perform in front of so many people from the school community. When I was on stage and singing, I felt like I could show my greatest talent, which made me very happy. It was a great evening, and I enjoyed performing very much’’ said Chris S, Privett ‘21 reflecting on his performance.

The program was certainly versatile. Beside many musical performances, for example, comedy speeches were also on the program and thanks to the great demand for performance opportunities, the event lasted a good two hours and provided the spectators with a varied programme. There was something for all musical tastes; from quiet and soulful to pop music, there was something for everyone.

“I had a very nice evening. It was great to watch my classmates and friends showing off their talent. It was a very successful and well-organized event’’ commented Luca H, Privett ‘21 reflecting on his experience as a part of the audience at this year’s Java Hut.

A big thank you to Mrs McLean, who was responsible for the organization of this event, for making this terrific evening for students and staff possible, and also to the food services staff who provided drinks and snacks to quench the thirst and hunger of the audience and, of course, the performers.

Ben H, Privett ‘21

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