Java Hut

Saturday, February 25, 2017 - By: Keiran MH, Rogers '17; Photo by Seo Young R, Alexandra '17

Last Saturday night Brentwood hosted its annual Java Hut, a casual opportunity for staff and students to showcase their musical and acting talents. Each act was given approximately four minutes in which they exhibited their musical prowess before a very receptive audience. 

The show was MC’d by Lauchlan M, Nick H, and Lanny L, clad in matching denim outfits and fake gold chains. Their jokes were about as cheesy as said outfits.

The old cafeteria was filled to the bursting, with most of our students in attendance to support their friends, or simply enjoy a night of entertainment.

Some notable performances included a band made up entirely of staff members rocking out on stage and Andrew W performing “Ain’t No Sunshine” while soloing over a loop he’d made moments earlier utilizing a loop pedal.

There were a couple of unorthodox acts at this year’s Java Hut. Mr Smith, Mr Collis, Mr Rodrigues, and Mr Luna entertained with a comedic skit called “The Four Yorkshireman” which had the audience laughing uproariously - greatly encouraged by Mr Smith’s deadpan. Antonio C also performed a rendition of a viral internet video using a trombone, garbage bin, and sunglasses. The night was capped off the with a rousing rendition of “Ice Ice Baby” by the three energetic MCs, who did their best to get everybody dancing to the 90s classic.

Many thanks go out to Megan A, Cate B and everyone else involved in organizing such a great event.

Keiran MH, Rogers ‘17

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