Java Hut

Saturday, February 14, 2015 - By: Linnea M, Allard ‘16; Photos by Joe K, Whittall '15

Last Saturday many students gathered in the old cafeteria for the annual Java Hut. People brought blankets and pillows to cuddle up on the floor as they sipped hot chocolate and nibbled on cookies. The show began with the corny humour of the MCs, Max D & Austin M, Ellis ‘15. The show consisted of lots of talents including singing, drumming, and the monologue. 

We heard singing from people such as Mr. & Mrs. Felix, Mr. Cowie, Ms. Quinton, and the Olszewskis. We were wowed by some more of Garey G’s, Whittall ‘15 yo-yoing, Joe X’s, Whittall ‘15 monologue on his awful test experience, the intermediate, advanced, and composition rock bands, and more. 

It was great seeing the support from students as their peers got up and perform. Thank you to all of the people who helped organized this great event.

Linnea M, Allard ‘16

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