Jack NG’s Big Day of Sport

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - By: Mr Phil Smith, Junior Boys Rugby Coach

Jack NG woke at six on Saturday morning, a big day before him. It was dark, wet, and early, and he tucked two cereal bars into his backpack and headed out the door with his dad, Jim, off to Maple Bay for their annual regatta. 

After carefully bolting into place the cold aluminum riggers, he and his three crewmates launched the boat and headed to the start line, rain still falling. Jack was in the stroke seat, excited to compete against older, U18 competition. They finished fourth in their heat, a result which pleased their coaches. 

Jack had little time to reflect; he was whisked to Brentwood where he grabbed his rugby gear from Ellis House, swiped a quick lunch (curry, medium hot), and was then relayed by his mum (Jill, who had just finished teaching her Macroeconomics 12AP class) to the Pacific Institute of Sport (PISE) to suit up for the Vancouver Island Wave, who were playing Mountain United from North Vancouver in BCPSL action. Jack lined up at centre-mid and controlled play in a tight duel that ended 90 minutes later, deadlocked at two. 

Not done yet, his mum shuttled him back to Brentwood, where his Junior Rugby team had just kicked off against Rundle College. The rain had since cleared and the pitch shone in the glint of afternoon sun. After ten minutes of hurried passing along the touchline, he slotted into the 10 shirt where he quickly took the reins of the backline. He scored a try and kicked four goals in a 50-12 romp. 

Finally, Jack repaired to Crooks Hall for the match reception, where he graciously thanked his opponents and at last, reflected on the day. “It was a big day, but there were a number of us who were competing in multiple events” he said humbly. When reminded that Saturdays at Brentwood were school days, and asked whether he had completed any school work, he demurred: “You have to draw the line somewhere.”

Mr Phil Smith, Junior Boys Rugby Coach

Editor’s Note: Jack was not alone among the junior boys in multi-sporting it on Saturday. Olin D, Santino G, Alec D, Jahmaal K, Tanner H, Corbin H & Damian H all rowed that day as well as forming the heart of Brentwood’s pack while Noel P played soccer and rugby.

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