It’s Almost Show Time

Sunday, February 13, 2022 - By: Will P, Whittall ‘22; Photo by John Pettit

The time is coming. In just over two weeks, our musical theatre company will be performing Chicago under the bright lights of the Killy Theatre. Everyone involved has been working tirelessly since September on this production, and from Wednesday, March 2 through Saturday, March 5, they will finally be able to perform. Despite uncertainty and change amidst volatile COVID conditions, this 52 person cast has overcome it all and is preparing for an exciting performance of this iconic midwestern musical.

Our beloved Director, Ms Widenmaier believes, that this year’s cast is perfectly suited for a performance of Chicago because it is an “ensemble show in which a full company has a good deal of stage time and participates in telling the story.” She also wanted to utilize the “plethora of amazing dancers” available to her with this year’s cast that she believes will tackle the show’s complex dance numbers.

Once again, COVID has been something that this company has had to navigate, but thanks to the 18 Grade 12s who will be performing in their third Brentwood musical, referred to as “Musical Lifers,” issues such as rehearsing with masks have been overcome through their leadership and encouragement. These Grade 12s deserve praise for steadying the ship in some very uncertain waters throughout this school year.

Students join the musical for different reasons. Some love to sing, others love to dance, many love both. Mark L, Privett ‘22 is one of those people, but he has benefited from his time in the musical in a unique way. As a member of the Senior Ice Hockey Team, Mark has been blown away by the physicality of the performance and the workout that it provides: “I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it, but my first year in the musical has definitely helped me gain flexibility and balance that have contributed to my success on the hockey team.”

This show is six months in the making, so make sure to support our cast as they put on an unforgettable performance.

Will P, Whittall ‘22

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