It Is The Little Things

Friday, December 09, 2016 - By: Mr. Marius Felix

Movember 2016

It is the little things that make the difference.

Last week at our assembly, I reminded the students about respectful behaviors and actions in everything we do. The reason there was a need was some ongoing, selfish decisions by some students who were leaving their cups and rubbish behind on the tables in the McNeill Centre and in Crooks Hall. For some, this may not seem to be an overwhelming issue. In our school, this kind of behavior IS something to get upset about, because the behavior makes an assumption that “someone else will clean this up.” That kind of attitude is not part of the ethos that makes our school work.

At Brentwood we learn, work and live with remarkable, dedicated, kind, thoughtful people. The school is not a place where ANY sense of entitlement should creep into our everyday decisions and actions. I would argue that the world beyond Brentwood should be included in this approach and that Brentwood people lead the charge in this regard. We pride ourselves in treating every member of our community with respect and kindness, by opening doors for each other, saying good morning, thanking each other, being grateful, picking up litter, offering help to those who need a hand, thinking about the needs of others and, yes, respecting the place we live in by cleaning up after ourselves when we have had the privilege of using a particular place.

The world needs leaders. That starts with working together, backing each other up, and thinking about others before ourselves.

Mr. Felix

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