ISA Double Gold

Thursday, October 04, 2018 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21; Photos by Nicole L, Hope '21

Friday September 28th the Junior Boys Soccer team embarked on yet another journey through the BC Independent Schools Association soccer tournament. This year there were two separate divisions, an A tournament, and a B. 

Mr Collis, Mr Malette, and Mr Barrett were able to field two strong teams, one in each of these tournaments. The Junior A team went 3-0, led by veterans and reigning ISA champions Ankit B, Jack R, Erik L, Will G, Callum M, Josh L, and David L, ‘21. They beat Shawnigan 5-0 in the first game, and SMUS 1-0 in the finals. 

The highlight, however, of the tournament was the comeback 2-1 win over St. George’s. With 12 minutes left in the match Erik L, Ellis ’21 crossed the ball to a flying Jack R, Ellis ’21 who finished with a thunderous header that put the game at level. Five minutes later, Erik had a goal of his own poking the ball into the bottom corner of the net. The boys finished with a goal differential of +7, big smiles, and gold medals around their necks.

The Junior Bs, led by hat trick 8th grader Noah H, Whittall ‘23 had a record of 2-0-1, beating GNS 4-3, and Mulgrave 2-0, while drawing 1-1 with Southridge. Junior A David L, Ellis ‘21 and Fin C, Privett ‘21 worked overtime, playing for both the A and B teams. They were reward with two gold medals. 

The Junior Boys also had a 7-2 win over Gulf Islands yesterday, bringing their season record to 2-1. Well done to the boys!

Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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