Into the Ether with Jaclyn C

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - By: Audrey K, Alex ‘16; Photo by Luke Best

One of the schools most valued senior performers, Jaclyn C, Alex ‘16, recently produced her first album. Entitled Into the Ether, the six song EP is Jaclyn’s first time putting a compilation of music together. 

Jaclyn said despite her experience in the music world - which she started in seventh grade when she won Duncan’s Got Talent, Songwriter’s Division – the task of writing songs was quite difficult, as was putting the album together which she describes as capturing life as a teenager, spilling out her heart in her honest lyrics: “I don’t try to trick anyone, these songs are just me doing me” Jaclyn stated in her interview. 

Although the songwriter did say that she wrote more songs than those available on her album, many didn’t add to her cohesive theme. Jaclyn began her musical career at Brentwood in Grade 8 where she joined her first of five musicals throughout her time at the school, including: Les Mis, In the Heights, Fiddler on the Roof, The Boyfriend and most recently, The Addams Family, adding that being in musicals has enabled her to learn a lot about performance skills. 

In addition to being an avid performer in musical theater, Jaclyn joined Intermediate Rock Band her first year at Brentwood in Grade 9 where she said she got a great understanding of what it was like to be in a band. As her love for singing didn’t waver but grew stronger, Jaclyn continued to participate in everything musical Brentwood had to offer and was a fearless leader of Composition Rock Band from tenth to twelfth grades which gave her a lot of great experiencing writing with other people as well as conveying her own lyrics, something she has found integral in her growth.

Jaclyn currently plays as many open mics that she can find in the area and is looking forward to performing in many shows this summer, including The 39 Days of July Festival in Duncan. After graduating from Brentwood, Jaclyn heads to the University of Victoria for Theater where she hopes to assemble a band and pursue her goal of a solo project. 

Please support Jaclyn’s dreams but taking at look at her brand new album before she becomes too famous for us all. ;-)

Congratulations Jaclyn on your release and everything you have accomplished during your time here! We look forward to what your bright future holds as you continue to pursue your passions in the world of music!

Audrey K, Alex ‘16

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