Interhouse Volleyball

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - By: Haden U, Ellis ’19; Photo by Adriane Pettit

The Interhouse journey is quickly coming to an end. The race for first is tight and this weekend’s Interhouse Volleyball tournament only continued to further the plot. The boys and girls took their bump, set, spike talents outside to the field on Saturday where mixed Junior/Senior teams competed from all houses. Teams comprised of experienced and inexperienced players left it all out on the courts as every game was extremely close. 

Athletics Prefect Jacob B, Ellis ‘19 stopped by and said the following: “I am very impressed with all of the talent and the way the teams are able to work together with such little practice. These events really showcase our school’s athletes in a positive way and it’s a lot of fun to watch.” 

Our tournament was a round robin and each game was played first to 25, win by 2 if necessary. In the finals for the boys were Privett & Rogers and for the Girls, Alex vs. Mackenzie. Privett defeated Rogers and took home first, then Alex defeated Mackenzie. 

A big thank you to Ms Hall, Mrs Fougner and all the staff who assisted in running the event. As usual, House support was fantastic and the student body is excited to receive a points update to see where each house is heading into our last event of the year, Interhouse Ultimate Frisbee. 

Haden U, Ellis ’19

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