Interhouse Volleyball

Monday, March 08, 2021 - By: Luca H, Privett ‘21; Photo by Bright A, Privett '21

Brentwood has a very competitive spirit when it comes to interhouse events. This competitive spirit was recently shown at our annual Interhouse Volleyball Tournament, a round robin of three divisions.

The first division was boys consisting of four teams: Privett, Ellis, Whittall, and Rogers. Privett and Ellis were definitely the strongest teams on the court as they both whipped Whittall and Rogers with ease in the first round. But when they played each other it was a battle of the greatest. Unfortunately, Privett lost after a long and hard game. Jacopo S, Privett 12 said, “During the last game Privett was very disorganized and too confident going in but we made a comeback and unfortunately lost by one point. We played a hard-fought game.” Jacopo's thoughts about the game are a bit more humble than Privett’s Interhouse Captain Luc B: “Privett played well made a super strong comeback against Ellis and then got robbed in the end, due to the ref being the Ellis RFA.” Luc says “I would go on but my mom told me if I have nothing nice to say…”

The mixed category was an interesting one to see being played. Each team varied in height quite a bit which made for very interesting games. Hope-Privett shut out Alex-Whittall with a 25-8 game and Mack-Ellis destroyed Allard-Rogers. In the end it came down to Mack-Ellis against Hope-Privett where the Green and Gold took the crown.

The women's category got very competitive as volleyball is taken very seriously among the women at brentwood. The girls battled to the end but Mack House took the win again. The dominance Mack showed at volleyball was stunning. It seemed no girls’ house could compete with the team in yellow.

While Mack-Ellis took the win over every division, Hanno F, Privett ‘21 says “We are very lucky to be able to have sports and gather together this year for some fun with interhouse.” Interhouse volleyball in cohorts just goes to show how lucky the Brentwood community is in these challenging times.

Luca H, Privett ‘21

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