Interhouse Track and Field

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - By: Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

For the third time in this busy week, the beautiful Brentwood campus was flooded with interhouse colours and cries of encouragement and house pride, as the houses gathered for the annual interhouse Track and Field event on Saturday afternoon.

With Fun and Games as well as Eco-Challenge behind them, the eight dedicated interhouse captains turned their attention to one of the biggest competitions of the year: track and field. Though in past years this event has been held in June, this year, newcomers and veterans alike demonstrated their athletic abilities early in the season. 

By 1:45, masses of green, orange, red, and blue clad athletes and supporters were making their way onto Gillespie Fields. At 2:00, the first starting gun sounded, and the grueling 1500m race was off. The rest of the afternoon flew by in a series of competitions, ranging from races of all lengths, to shot put and javelin events. 

As each racer pushed themselves to cross the finish line with their best possible time, fellow house members erupted into screams and shouts of encouragement. In typical West Coast style, a chilly drizzle began to fall as the starting gun sounded for the second heat of the junior men’s 200m dash, but nothing could put a damper on the enthusiastic energy being emitted from every member of each house. 

After the much-anticipated 100m and 400m relay races, the event came to a close with the tug-of-war. One person per grade from each house stepped forward in an attempt to pull their houses to victory. Cleats slipping in the mud, brother and sister houses heaved together, each individual showing incredible grit, and house flags waving from the sidelines.

This event was perhaps the most exciting interhouse competition yet, so thank you to all the competitors, supporters, interhouse captains, Ms Hall and everyone else who put in the effort to make it run smoothly! 

Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

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