Interhouse Impromptu Public Speaking

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - By: Noah H, Privett ‘19

Interhouse events are a way for our students to compete against their classmates and friends in a wide variety of different competitions, from soccer to rowing, acapella to impromptu speeches. Interhouse events cover so many different categories which makes it possible for everyone to have a chance at competing. Impromptu speeches took place in the McNeill Centre this past Saturday, April 6th.

There were two participants from each house selected/volunteered to compete, one junior and one senior. How the event works is each participant draws a word from a hat and then they have three minutes to prepare their speech. The speeches had a maximum time of three minutes and a minimum of one minute. The words ranged from travel to confidence, global warming to friendship, and many more resulting in a very interesting and diverse night of speeches. I was amazed with all the students and their ability to come up with so much content in such a short amount of time.

The night had a great turn out of students all there to cheer on the speaker representing their house. I asked a couple of participants why they thought it is important to have these kind of events at Brentwood? Kristyn S observed: "I think it's important to have events like this because it gives students a chance to showcase their talents in a fun, friendly and accepting environment." This event was certainly a way for kids to do exactly that. Luke P added, “I think it is important to host events like this at the school because it allows students to be heard and gives them a chance in the spotlight in a supportive and positive environment.” 

There was a bonus ice cream bar for all students who attended the event. At the end of the night Zade A representing MackEllis came out with a 4th place finish; 3rd place was Emma M representing Hope/Privett; in 2nd place was Liam P, of Alex/Whittall who had the whole crowd roaring by the end of it; and in 1st place with an amazing speech and receiving a full standing ovation was Jaylyn B from Allard/Rogers. The competition was great throughout the whole night, and the judge had to make some tough decisions on who was the 2019 Brentwood Interhouse Impromptu Speech Champion. The event was a great success with a wonderful turnout of students. It was motivating, informative and a night well spent. Thanks to Mr Bryant, Ms Hall, Ms Steele-MacInnis and Mrs Widenmaier for their organizational expertise.

Noah H, Privett ‘19

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