Interhouse Debate

Monday, January 30, 2017 - By: Tegwyn C, Debate Captain, Allard ‘17; Photo by Zach L, Ellis '19

January 13th. A Friday. Somewhat ominous. 

Sixteen debaters gathered in the Centre for Art and Humanities, eagerly awaiting the first topic to be released. Once released, they zoomed off for twenty minutes of prep before the first round began. 

Fierce debate took place across the junior and the senior rounds. As Allard/Rogers and Privett/Hope moved forward to the junior final, another round of debate took place for the seniors. The juniors, debating whether the viewing of slasher films should be restricted, went head to head, vying for the winning position. After a flurry of speeches, the raising of many points of information (POIs), and some head shaking from both sides, Jaylynn B and Michael L stole the win for Allard/Rogers. 

In the senior final, Alex/Whittall and Privett/Hope competed in front of students and teachers who came out to the McNeill Centre to witness the pinnacle of the debate rounds. Debating the benefits and drawbacks of superstitions, the two teams brought forward many valid arguments, but Kavi G and Gemma E, of Alex/Whittall, took home the prize of Senior Interhouse Debate Champions. Well done, everyone!

Tegwyn C, Debate Captain, Allard ‘17

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