Interhouse Champions!

Wednesday, July 14, 2021 - By: Erik Long, House Captain, Ellis’ 21

As I reflect, I realize how fortunate we were to spend this year together. Not having the chance to say our goodbyes and our traditional ‘last night’ in June 2020 was something we all hoped never to relive. It seems like yesterday when the waves of new students were flooding into the house during Orientation. Starting off the year with the discomfort of speed dating on the turf and house breakfasts soon paved the way to lifelong bonds being forged. The Ellis boys were back stronger and more resilient, and continued to overcome every obstacle they faced.

Walking through the house, my attention is usually drawn to the commotion in the Grade 9 hallway, all of whom seem to be at their liveliest at their 10:00pm bedtime. They all have each others’ backs and I am excited to see their friendships develop. As I make my way towards the rowdy 10s, I know to prepare myself for a good laugh, but they have matured since September, that is for sure the 11s continue to prove themselves and I think they are all well prepared to take the lead of the house next year: Ellis is in good hands.

Now Ellis wouldn’t be what it is today without our remarkable duty staff. Thanks Mr Cowie for your everlasting youth and entertaining jokes; Mr Skardal for your intellect and caring nature; Ms Simon for providing us with a feminine presence and keeping us all in check; Mr Luna for your infinite wisdom and rich conversations; Mr Ward for your dedication. And finally thank you Mr Barrett and Mr Wismer for your countless sacrifices this year.

‘20-’21 has been riddled with challenges, but it has allowed our house spirit to flourish and brotherhood to strengthen. I’ll miss our perfect laundries and in-house breakfasts, Saturday night card games and burgers, and our extremely competitive Interhouse spirit. I’ll miss every one of you boys and I wish you the best of luck in the coming years. Ellis House, Best House.

Erik Long, House Captain, Ellis’ 21

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