Interhouse Basketball

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 -

On Saturday night the school was abuzz with the hype of the annual inter-house basketball tournament. It was a spectacular event to say the least; fun was had by all, whether one was battling it out on the court or cheering from the crowd. Highlights of the night included Seth J throwing down threes, the senior Ellis boys’ impeccable zone defense, Kelly R’s near perfected lay-ups, and even James C receiving a technical foul for break-dancing on the court. In the end, only the strongest and fastest were crowned kings and queens of the court. In the women’s division, Allard claimed the title, narrowly beating Mackenzie. The junior men of Privett trumped Whittall and, in the final event of the night, a grudge match between the senior boys of Ellis and Whittall, the green giants captured the crown.

Eric D

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