Interhouse Acapella

Tuesday, March 05, 2019 - By: Ameera E, Allard ‘19

Interhouse events at Brentwood are a way to build community within each of the four brother-sister houses, and to embrace the various talents that students brings to Brentwood. This past weekend, houses participated in Brentwood’s Interhouse Acapella, in which houses performed their chosen songs for the school.

Preparing for this event took lots of grit and joy from everyone, whether it be through the song choices, the after-prep practices, or even just working up the nerve to perform in front of the whole school. This event encouraged students to embrace their musicality, and sing along with their friends, serenading the school with powerful anthems that shook the whole cafeteria.

It was a new and fun experience for many students, including Suzannah G, who said that “I really liked how anyone could do it, and how everyone was given a role, and had a good time while doing it.” Whether you are a pro singer, or merely a beginner, everyone was cheered on and encouraged to participate in this enjoyable event.

The winners of this Interhouse event was Hope House with its rendition of “Party In the USA” by Miley Cyrus. Hope put in lots of enthusiasm and hard work and this showed for everyone who got to view the performance. 

This event was just another show of how the grit of practice and perfection can lead to the joy of coming together as a school and bonding as a community, creating something entertaining for everyone to enjoy. With many more Interhouse events to come in Term 3, we can only anticipate how much more Brentwood spirit we will get to enjoy!

Ameera E, Allard ‘19

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