Inspiring Play at Islands

Friday, November 21, 2014 - By: Mollie MG, Mack ’15; Photos by Brian Carr

This weekend marked the last step in playoffs before Provincials which will occur next weekend here in Mill Bay. With a total of five games in the weekend, the girls were ready to go by the time they left campus early Friday afternoon. Walking into the gym with presence - the team’s theme for the rest of the season - the girls were ready to work hard. 

With the first game against St. Andrews underway, the girls continued to risk and were rewarded with their first win of the tournament. Cayley S, Allard ’17 played exceptionally well with some great passes and powerful hits. The next game was against Woodlands from Nanaimo. Although our opponents played hard and had some great plays, our Brentwood girls were able to beat them in two straight sets.

The final game of the night was against Glenlyon Norfolk School where the girls battled through exhaustion and pulled out their third and final win of the day! This win meant two things: that the girls were straight through to the semi-finals at 2:00pm on Saturday, and the girls were able to head to Taylor C’s, Alex ’17 house for the night to bond and have one last hurrah.  Knowing Saturday was an important day, the girls got to sleep early and prepared for their important matches.  

After enjoying a home-cooked breakfast, the girls were very grateful for Taylor’s parents to have hosted them. Later in the morning the girls decided to go watch and support the juniors in their Island Championships. The juniors won their game and we were so happy to get to see them compete.  It was a unique time where the girls were a club, out supporting each other as the juniors later came to support the seniors in our final game against Ladysmith. 

In order to get to the final game, the girls first had to play in the semi-finals against host St. Michaels University School. Winning it in straight three, the girls were ready for finals. Playing Ladysmith meant a tough match, but we were ready. Losing the first set, the girls dug deep and won the second match 25-13. Fighting hard in the next two sets, even with co-captain Lauren H, Allard ’15 falling sick and being unable to play the final part of the game, the girls lost two close sets and came away with a silver medal!  

The weekend was a success and full of learning opportunities before upcoming provincials. Lauren Y, Mack ’16 was awarded most valuable player for the Brentwood team due to incredible sets and court leadership varying the attacks and helping lead the team to great success. 

We really look forward to our last adventure as a team and for the Grade 12’s last high school volleyball and are ready for the battle to come in provincials.  We hope that you’ll join us next weekend in the Woodsward Sportsplex for some high level provincial AA volleyball.

Mollie MG, Mack ’15

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