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Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - By: Jensa NG, Mack ’23

Classes have finished, lunch has finished, and now it is time for real creativity to spark and burst into flame.

Brentwood provides its students with a plethora of arts ranging from Public Speaking and Musical Theatre to Pottery and 3D Art. Many of these classes will encourage students to focus on one or two skills such as the critical analysis of fine art, graphic design, reflective writing, or a fine eye for photography, but there is one arts class, Yearbook, which requires them all. With the help of Mr Ganley and his soldiers - led by Captains Kameel A and Jule G - the yearbookers will produce a 300 page masterpiece that displays all of Brentwood’s highlights from September to June.

Throughout the entire school year, Brentwood’s finest writers, photographers, and graphic designers spend one hour every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ensuring that each and every one of Brentwoods 543 students are accounted for.

There are roughly 104 layouts, each shining a light on a different aspect of Brentwood’s tripartite program. Events ranging from Eco-Challenge to Christmas Luncheon and every single sports team will be covered in this year’s work of art we call a yearbook. After discussion with the Head of School, Mr Patel, we have even decided to give the Grade 8s their own layout. ;-)

Yearbook Co-Captain Kameel A, Privett ‘23 defines the yearbook project best, as a “collaborative experience dedicated to engraving the year in history and creating something that in ten years we can all look back on and remember how much fun we had.”

Like many things at Brentwood, you get out of it what you put in. “I’ve learned a lot so far this year working in a kind atmosphere alongside Mr Ganley and Ms Rusman to get the yearbook on the go” adds Julia P, Alex ‘23. We could take mediocre photos at one soccer game and call it a day, then go back to class and spend 20 minutes framing them into a less-than-overwhelming layout. Or, we could continue to extend our skills beyond mere mediocrity. Multiple photographers attend each event, hours are spent ensuring that each layout is pleasing to the eye, and even more time is spent on captioning.

The “above and beyond” ethos is something many Brentwood students are invested in. Whether it’s in a lab, a studio, the gym, or out on the field, students strive to honour their school with good results. The yearbook is yet another beacon of Brentwood’s drive to go above and beyond.

The yearbook team is not satisfied until everyone has made it into the Yearbook. Every. Single. Student. Even that one grade 9 day student who goes home at 3:00 every day (if those even exist) will make it into the yearbook.

Smile for the yearbook camera.

Jensa NG, Mack ’23

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