In Service

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 - By: Ms Julie Murray, B-Well Sponsor

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?”

These words, spoken by minister, activist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr Martin Luther King Jr, are as applicable today as when he shared them in 1957 during the American Civil Rights Movement. In these words, Dr King is expressing a truth, a truth that those who I have the honour of recognizing with Service Pins have likely already discovered, that “Giving of ourselves in the service of others” is actually a portal to not only social change, but also greater connection, engagement, personal development and our individual and collective well being.
Students receiving their pins have volunteered their time and energy either in their home communities or here at Brentwood. Without the efforts of these students, the events and initiatives organized by SAC, BEAT, OMNI, Grad Council and B-Well, as well as other special events and the work of the SEC, would simply not have been possible this year.

Service pins are awarded to students who have reached the following levels for volunteer hours. Bronze - 100 hours; Silver - 200 hours; Gold - 300 hours.

The students receiving their Bronze Pins are Bright Anthony, Ella Barnsley, Julian Bell, Sloane Benoit, Charles Bloch, Ben Cole, Olin Dahlstrom, Anna Draper, Grace Erikson, Josh Haley, Sydney Hau, Sakurako Horiguchi, Edward Lalonde, Brenna Lam Kennedy, Nicole Little, Zoya Moledina, Victoria Parks, Amy Pavlis, Emily Pavlis, Joceylyn Perkovic, Sean Ryan, Maya Vasko, Siri Wood, Chase Worth, & Bonnie Zhong.

SILVER: Alice Hill, Evan Maher, Callum McAllister, Kennedy McDiarmid, Janelle Olughor, Jacopo Scagliarini, Gemma Selby, & Madysson Weatherford.

GOLD: Kameel Ahamed, Hanno Fourie, Blanca Grobbelaar, Sophie Habkirk, Dylan Kruger, Adrienne Roy, Eamon Ryan, & Olivia Sasse.

I would like to offer my congratulations and gratitude to all of the recipients for so generously volunteering their time in service of others.

Ms Julie Murray, B-Well Sponsor

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