In-House Bonding on a Tuesday Night

Sunday, April 26, 2015 - By: Tori B, Alexandra ‘17

Imagine you’re new to Brentwood, and you’ve never met some of the people in your new home away from home. Some friend groups have already been made. The older girls (especially the Grade 12s) can be intimidating for new students (especially the Grade 9s). Some students who start in Grade 11 or 12 can feel a little more isolated than others. 

A simple way to bond and create new friendships is simply by chatting, and talking about day-to-day affairs with people who understand the Brentwood bubble and the crazy-busy (but fun) schedule.

At 8:30 computers are shut, binders are closed and a flurry of action begins.  These Tuesday nights in Alex House are filled with laughter. Every second Tuesday, groups of seven or eight girls come together and candy, chips, chocolate covered strawberries, and many other delicious treats are shared in Alex House. 

Mrs. Sue Whitney, our Tuesday night duty staff states, “I quite enjoy the idea of a get together with all grades of girls” which I agree is great. At times you go to get a glass of water and you end up talking to another group, but the topics of conversation are all very similar: hot boys and hot gossip. 

I’m sure many of you reading would like in on one or two of our Alex House secrets, but I cannot do that because what we talk about does not leave the walls of the room once it is over. ;-)

Bedtime on Tuesday is always a challenge because no one wants to leave: it is so much fun. I swear, Mrs. Whitney has to come by several times before any of us start to leave. Bed times usually run a little late on a Tuesday.

This year our coordinator of Big Little Sisters, Kennedy G, Alexandra ‘15, has changed it up so instead of having one group for the whole year, we go through a cycle of three. At the beginning of every term we have switched groups giving us the opportunity to get to know several other girls in the house. I personally think that Big Little Sisters is an amazing way to get to know one another. It’s definitely one of Brentwood’s wonderful in-house traits. 

Tori B, Alexandra ‘17

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