I'm Crazy for This Week's Musical!

Thursday, March 08, 2018 - By: Alex T, Allard ‘18; Photo by Ian McPherson

This year’s musical at Brentwood is unlike any other production the school has put on. Set in the 1930s, Crazy For You follows wealthy New Yorker Bobby Child (Caden K) on his quest to break away from the future his banking family has predetermined for him, and on his dreams to a careers in acting. 

After a failed audition at Zangler’s Follies, he agrees to carry out a piece of banking business for his mother (Caitlin M & Sabrina H) which leads him to the dusty town of Deadrock, Nevada, away from the lights of the big city, the beautiful theatre dancers “The Follies”, and from his fiance (Fabiana G & Chloe O) whom he does not feel so strongly for. 

Rolling into the western town of Deadrock, Bobby find himself exhausted and dehydrated, collapsing at the feet of Polly (Hannah S), the daughter of Everett Baker (Luke A) who owns the town theatre. Unbeknownst to either friendly local, Bobby has come to foreclose the theatre. You can only guess what happens next. 

With this opening, any viewer is intrigued and emotionally invested in the characters. As well, The Follies are all enchanting in their graceful faerie-like presence, and the Deadrock Cowboys keep the laughs coming with their unpredictable and goofy actions. Julia S is particularly entertaining as the enthusiastic but dim-witted Patsy. 

Hannah S embodies the role of the spunky Polly; with her witty attitude and convincing western accent she is every bit the part. Caden K, with seriously impressive acting skills, plays the adorable and fumbling role of Bobby perfectly. The chemistry between the many contrasting characters is electric, as different worlds collide. Even the gorgeous and quickly changing sets of Deadrock and New York city create energy on the stage. It is clear what the effort the cast put into producing this show. 

I have been at this school for four years and experienced four different musicals. Each one has left a different memory for me. I think what sets Crazy For You apart from the others is the character’s energies: full credit to the actors. The cast’s commitment to their characters, their flawless routines, and their confident stage presence raises the bar for all Brentwood musicals to come. 

A huge thank you to the cast, the stage crew, clothing and makeup artists, set designers, lighting and sound crew, front of house staff, musicians, and anyone who helped make this production possible. Ms Widenmaier, Mr Newns, Ms Blake, Mr Armitage, on behalf of all of Brentwood and the audience, congratulations on another amazing and unforgettable show. 

The show continues this evening, Friday and Saturday. Tickets are available at https://secure-brentwood-ca.simpletix.com/Event-List/

Alex T, Allard ‘18

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