If the Shoe Fits

Saturday, November 18, 2017 - By: Brayden G, Rogers ‘19; Photo by Hala M, Hope '19

Over the course of the month of October, the artists in Drawing and Painting worked on a project where we had to draw a shoe of our choice. This may sound as simple as tying your laces, but it most certainly was not. We had to incorporate shadows, shades, and every little detail we could think of into this piece. The project was also entirely in black and white, so if you had a shoe that had different patterns and colours, you had to turn those into shades of grey, which proved difficult but really fun. 

You could say that Ms Mannion really had us on our heels.

The end most certainly justified the means as the final products all looked amazing. Ms Mannion is incredible at showing us what we can accomplish with our creativity. I was honestly very proud of all of the outcomes. We really had to put our heart and sole into our shoes. 

Now we are working with pastels and with the colour wheel learning the combinations between primary, secondary, and tertiary colours. I am very curious to see what unique and creative project Ms Mannion comes up with for us next. 

Brayden G, Rogers ‘19

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