If Only Ergs Could Float

Monday, February 13, 2017 - By: Emma H Allard ‘18; Photo by James Phillips

With winter season supposed to be coming to an end, the negative degree weather and lots of snow falling doesn't seem to want the winter indoor rowing reason to stop. On Sunday, January 22nd the Men's and Women's rowing teams went down to UVIC for the 33rd Annual Monster Erg event. We had 3 teachers, 14 boy, 3 girls and 1 coxswain compete. With a very successful day for some and a learning day for others, we were ready to go back to school and make improvements for the spring season to come. 

But one big erg event was not enough: the boy were hungry to improve their scores and scope out their competition on the mainland, so on February 4th eight of the guys competed at Beat the Beast hosted by St. George’s. With eight guys competing (as well as their coxswain and one guy there for morale support) these ten rowers went with a goal: to make sure the mainland rowers didn't forget about us big islanders. This goal was very successful because all of our 8 rowers placed in the top 12 of their category.  

In two very successful events we had half a dozen rowers achieve personal bests. With ongoing quality winter training for both the Men's and Women's crews, they are both ready for spring season to start. But, before then, both crews will compete at The Hungerford Regatta and The Head of the Shawnigan right after the midterm break. 

Hoping the weather warms up a bit, all the rowers will be in the erg room until then, so let the winter training continue. 

Emma H Allard ‘18

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