Ice Hockey 2018-2019

Sunday, March 31, 2019 -

This year in Brentwood Hockey was a pivotal role in our program. Brentwood Hockey consists of the Varsity Hockey team and two Junior teams. Again this year it was extremely diverse as players of all experience levels, ages and genders dressed on all three teams. Players of all shapes and sizes stepped up this year as our program added a new crew of coaches and a multitude of new players. 

First Term Hockey provided a chance for all players to get out, practice and play some games. Coach Shadlock engaged Rob Armstrong to assist in practices and he provide players with the feedback and support needed to better their skills to prepare for the taxing season ahead. Our early start also gave players a chance to show leadership to newcomers and returning players alike. After a program-wide poll, Blake C, Privett ‘19 was named Captain and Haden U, Ellis ‘19 Assistant Captain. Their leadership spread from the Varsity locker room all the way through the program. 

As rosters were set for all three teams in the second term, the Varsity team got off to an unexpected start. Our team was all about being relentless, a value that was carried over from Coach Shadlock and last year’s team. Players on all four lines stepped up and the team’s offense exploded as the Varsity team went on a four game winning streak to start the season. Although the team did not stay perfect all year, the group rallied and continued to provide a flare of energy for the entire program to follow. 

Brentwood’s junior teams played several closely contested games and spent many hours on the ice practicing and continuing to develop their skills. Our Annual Ross Cup and Showcase events were a great success and the junior teams were able to play against some challenging competition. The Varsity team ended up finishing third overall in the tournament. 

At season’s end awards were handed out. Offensive Player of the Year was Haden, Defensive Player of the Year, Ben M, Privett ‘19 and the Coaches Award went to Blake C, Privett ‘19. 

Thanks to the coaching team for their relentless efforts to ensure our season was fun, challenging and rewarding.

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