I Thought About It

Saturday, July 27, 2019 - By: Adi W, Alexandra '20; Photo by Katrina Tarrant

This free verse poem is the winner of the Grade 11 Term 2 school-wide Beth Melhuish Writing Competition.

I Thought About It

If you think about it, 

This poem was meant for you. 

This is the one you picked up, and actually read. 

The other ones are still stuck in poetry books and anthologies. 

All the other poems, lost and forgotten.

If you think about it, 

This poem was made for you. 

This was the one that I really wrote. 

All the other ones, pushed under my bed. 

Lost next to the single socks and shriveled spiders. 

If you think about it, This poem is a warrior. 

He crawled up my leg from under my shoe. 

Free climbed my jeans and T-shirt. 

He warriors up into my ear, 

Then rested as my restless hand took over. 

If you really think about it. 

This poem isn’t even about you. 

This poem is about how, If you think about it too hard, 

Some other—better—poem 

Is probably still stuck to that pair of sneakers I lost last year. 

Adi W 

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