Hunwick’s Whale of a Sculpture

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - By: Danielle DW, Mackenzie ‘15

Our very own Mr. Hunwick has been working on a whale-sized project that has not been very well known to his sculpture students at Brentwood. For a few months Mr. Hunwick has been crafting a spectacular piece consisting of two whale bones named 'Eye of the Ocean'a. The art was located in Sidney, alongside the Sidney Sculpture Walk Trail where people can see his work. 

Although the sculpture may seem quite simple, the thought behind two whale rib bones fixed to each other leaves a message. Mr. Hunwick wanted it to look like a whale peering out of the water with one eye, looking at the spectator. The other concept was that spectators would be looking though the two bones and would be gazing at the sea. Mr. Hunwick gladly accepted second place from the People’s Choice Awards for his piece and now he has many more pieces from the “Eye of the Sea”  collection being shipped all over Canada. We are very proud of our sculpture instructor!

Danielle DW, Mackenzie ‘15

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