Human Geography 12

Sunday, February 21, 2021 - By: Dale F, Whittall ‘21

Over the course of the past six months, Mr Carr has turned what you might, at first, think to be just another social studies course filled with kids struggling to stay awake while their teacher mumbled on about some world war, into a fun, interactive course about the politics and geographics of people around the globe. We have had multiple projects in which we get to choose and research a topic of our choice which we present to the class in almost any form they’d like. Mr Carr says that he “wants us to enjoy and be interested in the projects you do” which builds on the upbeat environment we see in the classroom during our work blocks.

The diversity of interests in the classroom is great to see, and the ability the students have to get into heated discussions about controversial topics without things getting too serious or personal is refreshing. When I asked my classmate about his favourite part of the class he said that he “enjoyed the debates we have in class when Mr Carr asks a question that could have many different perspectives. It allows us to express our opinions without fear of judgement and even broaden our own points of view” observed Josh L, Whittall ‘21.

Last week, our project was to find a border conflict, enclave or exclave, to research and present our findings in the form of a slideshow to the class. Hannah P, Alex ‘21 presented a topic which she was very passionate about: the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Though our presentations were supposed to be between five and seven minutes, Hannah was granted an exception due to her incredibly difficult topic. Her twenty-minute presentation showed her variety of knowledge and interest on the subject; it was great to see how enthralled she was. “Our project had guidelines but really our research fueled the outcome. For instance, my five-minute presentation turned into a mini lecture because I was able to choose a topic that interests me. I was able to write about something I was passionate about” added Hannah.

I enrolled in Human Geography 12 because, in all honesty, I forgot I needed a social studies credit to graduate. Although it was an accident, I am glad I joined. It has given me new views and knowledge about global, political, and cultural topics I would not have had the opportunity to research before.

Dale F, Whittall ‘21

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