Human Geo 12 in Langford

Saturday, January 21, 2017 - By: Emma F, Alex ‘17

On Wednesday January 11th the Grade 12AP Human Geography class boarded a bus to adventure off campus under the watchful wing of Ms. Murtland to study the development of the City of Langford. This is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the province! The first stop was made at the summit of Bear Mountain to see and sketch an eagle eye’s view of what the day had in store for us. 

The tour continued by making various observational stops to answer questions at places such as downtown Langford, Westhills, Peatt Road and, of course, the Westshore complex to observe and take notes on concepts learned in class including gentrification. After seeing the classroom content in action, the impressed students returned to campus, grateful for the bus heater.

Emma F, Alex ‘17

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