How to Travel Stress Free

Saturday, January 05, 2019 - By: Areeb S, Rogers 2020

It is the time of the year when we break free and go back to our nests to reset and refuel from term 1. While most of us are happy to do this, the happiness comes with the stress of travel. 

Stressing about excess baggage! Stressing about missing your flight! Stressing about forgetting something to pack or simply getting sick! Stress, stress, stress. Travelling is not only about stress; we can make this Winter Break stress free by following a simple guideline, especially prepared to you by yours truly, Areeb S.

You can beat all travel conundrums by planning ahead. 

Four days before the impending travel date, prepare a scratch list of your travel itinerary. What are you supposed to to do from the time you begin packing and the time to your destination? Begin with the first activity which will be packing. Make a list of all the items you need to carry. Walk around the room, talk to other kids, find out what they are packing to complete your packing list. 

Three days before, prepare all the items and stash them away in one corner before placing them in the bag to avoid stressing about missing what's supposed to go with you. Ensure you pack all the items in the cargo back keeping the bag light, carry on bag should be as light as possible keeping your hands free. 

Two days before travel, start sleeping early, destress so your journey will be transcendent even if there is less sleep. 

Then, one day before, get the check-in to select your aisle seat close to the washroom. Carry basic medications with you, and carry reading material and chargers to keep you entertained. Get adequate sleep the night before the departure and avoid consuming large amounts of sugar. Wake up early the day of travel, prep yourselves, eat light, drink a lot of water and keep low on sugar. 

Our final step is to arrive at the airport happy and smiling for departure ready for the flight.

Now that you have read the following passage, you Brentonians are on your way, set for departure! My roommate, Kenton L,  stated “This guide is the most useful source for travel”. With this in mind, I wish all Brentonian’s a safe and healthy journey!

Areeb S, Rogers 2020

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