How It All Comes Together

Saturday, April 27, 2019 - By: Hannah C, Alex ‘19

The 49th Annual Brentwood Regatta is by far Brentwood’s biggest event of the year and takes a ton of organization and support from both the students and staff. Every year Mr Lee has the task of designating everyone with jobs. Our “regatta jobs” range from waste management - helping our guests sort their waste properly - to boat driving - acting as the umpire’s chauffeurs - all the way to serving at the alumni events on Campbell Common.

Even though our Regatta jobs are mandatory, every Brentwood student does it with pride. Our Regatta jobs are done with enthusiasm as they do require time and effort but still allow enough free time for everyone to enjoy the food booths, live entertainment, racing, and so much more! 

Every activity that is going on around campus has a special team that is making it happen. The announcements that you will continue to hear over the weekend are delivered by Brentwood students. The food you will be eating on McLaren Paza is being made by the Entrepreneurship 11 classes - and there is a variety of options if you check out the previous article! 

Some of the best jobs that students look forward to are boat holding - you are right up close to the action - as well as the students working finish line get to see the photo finishes all day long. “It’s great to be so close to the rowers and feel their energy before the horn is blown” said Milo P, after his session of boat holding. 

The Brentwood staff also play key roles in making sure the regatta runs smoothly. Mrs. Sage and her team of minions and umpires wrestle with changing weather patterns all weekend, just so racing is as safe and enjoyable as possible! 

As students continue to go through the weekend and attend their job sessions, they will also be enjoying the sun, the action, and the entertainment.

Have a great weekend!

Hannah C, Alex ‘19

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