Hot Fuzz

Friday, May 09, 2014 - By: Mrs. Marci McLean, Head Coach, Photo by Brynn A, Hope '15

On the two hottest days in May, the tennis courts at Brentwood were busy with players from the Independent Schools Association battling for Senior and Junior tennis supremacy.  

The Senior competition boasted eight boys’ teams and seven girls’ teams from the Island and Lower Mainland. The competition was long and grueling as the teams competed in pool play followed by the two top teams participating in a crossover event. In the boys’ division, the powerful St. Georges team from Vancouver ended up on the top, closely followed by Shawnigan, West Point Grey and Brentwood. In the girls’ division, another Vancouver team, Crofton House, took top honors followed by Southridge, Brentwood, and Shawnigan. Members of the Brentwood Senior Tennis team included Joh H, Spencer B, Natalie L-R, Ingrid C, Sarah S, Claire H, Nick M, Christopher C, Sean M, Santiago G-G, Laurenz S, Victor C & Chris P.

The following day, the Junior Boys and Girls took to the courts. With six girls’ teams and five boys’ teams, there was plenty of tennis to be played. After a strenuous round robin competition, the top teams were declared. In a close contest in the Junior Girls’ division, Crofton was awarded the top spot followed by Brentwood and Shawnigan. In the Junior Boys’ division, the top spot was decided by the last set with St. Georges emerging victorious, followed by Shawnigan and Brentwood. Members of the Brentwood teams included Nancy M, Emma C, Alexa A-C, Julie S, Cindy Z, Gabi B, Wasay C, Alejandro G-G, Garrison C, Dilan G, Wyatt T & Arthur L.

Throughout the two day event all the participants showed great strength and desire as they battled their opponent and the heat.

Mrs. Marci McLean, Head Coach

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