Horne Lake Caves Adventure

Thursday, October 10, 2019 - By: William Z, Privett ‘24; Photo by Ms Amanda Ramundi

Last Friday the Grade 8s left for Horne Lake to get our hands dirty and explore the Horne Lake Caves. We made sandwiches, got on the bus for a 2-hour drive to Horne Lake, then we were more than ready to have some fun.

When we got there, we were split into two groups, then sent off to explore some caves. On the hike to the first cave, we were told about how caves are formed by water that has been infused with carbon dioxide, which slowly melts limestone and creates caves, some of which are hundreds of thousands of years old. When my group got to the first cave, we were told that we had to shimmy down a small crevasse in the ground! I’ll admit that I was a little nervous when I first looked down the crevasse but after climbing down, I knew that it would be a fun afternoon.

Inside the cave, there were little bugs called cave crickets that most people thought were disgusting, but some people thought that they were cool. We went down a small ladder into the deep part of the cave, where we all turned off our lights and sat in complete darkness. After a few minutes in utter darkness, we hiked to the second and last cave we would explore.

In the second cave, we had a short reunion with the other group, but then they left for the cave we came from. Our guide showed us a couple of bits of phosphorescent rock, which was pretty cool because when we turned off our lights, the rock would glow green.

After the short walk back from the caves, the Grade 8s ate lunch, thanked the guides, and headed back to Brentwood. All in all, we Grade 8s had an amazing experience.

William Z, Privett ‘24

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