Hopen House

Monday, November 04, 2019 - By: Alexia G, Hope ‘22

We all wait for that spooky and scary season of the year where we get ready with our friends. Everyone puts on a Halloween costume to go out and have fun. On Saturday, October 26, Hope's Spooktacular Open House was held from 8:00 pm. We invited all Brentwood students to have fun like never before.

The open house organizers (our Grade 12 Prefects) did an amazing job decorating, lighting, and making sure everything was perfect for that great night. There were donuts, candy, chips and water for all the students.

Let’s not forget the dance floor: the music gave the place a very positive and cheerful atmosphere. Many were dancing while others talked. “It was fun talking to people, and I had a lot of donuts” said Freya P, Hope ‘21.

Each floor in the house had its own theme. The first floor, where the entrance to the house and the dance floor is, was clowns; the second floor was ghosts; and the third was tombs. The fact that each floor had its own theme made things much more mysterious and fun.

I feel that the most incredible part of the open house is how the house joins together to set everything up. Each Hopeling contributes something, whether it be helping to move all the furniture, decorate, or play music.

As Piper D, Hope ‘22, says “It was a fun activity which, between the set up, moving all the furniture and helping each other get ready, helped bond together all the girls in Hope.”

Alexia G, Hope ‘22

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