Hope Open House

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - By: Vivian F, Hope ‘18

The much anticipated Hope Open House took place on October 21st. This year, Hope Grade 12s boldly set the theme as Anything But Clothes, which provoked much excitement in the school. The theme itself allows students to design and make their own costumes for this unforgettable event. 

Before the event started, students in Hope House hustled and immersed themselves in the process of house decorating. “We really want to show our best to the school” Aiysha M Hope 18 revealed. After many hours of hard work, walls are covered with sheets and hangers, along with colorful lighting. The end product was fascinating, yet the progress was stressful. 

At 8pm sharp, the gate of Hope House opened. The dance floor was filled with upbeat music and packed with students. People were laughing and dancing, moving with the flow of the music and enjoying this great evening. 

A dance party might not be for everyone so the open house also set up karaoke and 

Just Dance. These activities are traditions of Hope House. Girls in the house often spend their Saturday evenings sweating in the game of Just Dance, and showing their voices in the genre of pop music. Students in Hope shared the pleasure and enjoyment of such interactive activities with the school during this event. What distinguished the Hope Open House from the other ones was that students could find their places of entertainment, whether it was exploring, dancing or socializing. Mrs Martin, a staff on duty, noticed that “[she] could hardly find anyone awkwardly standing around; all stations were crowded with people.”

After students had tire themselves on the dance floor, they could satisfy their sweet tooth and hunger by enjoying a delicious donut. Various pastries were offered and these heavenly tasting desserts added another layer of sweetness to the party.

The Hope Open House is mainly hosted by Hope Grade 12 students. “ Seeing people having a great time during the event, I can not be more proud of our team” said Noey T, Hope 18.  

Thank you to all the staff members who assisted in the organization of the Hope Open House, especially Ms Hedquist and Mr Desandoli, who planned and coordinate this wonderful party for the entire school. 

Vivian F, Hope ‘18

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