Hope House Halloween

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - By: Georgia D, Hope ‘22

Halloween is a very foreign thing for me - well at least the level of excitement around it at Brentwood. I’m Australian. Students at Brentwood participate in many activities during the week leading up to Halloween known as Fright Week. Pumpkin carving, Orange and Black day, scary movies, Halloween costume contests and many other activities are put on by the student representative council.

Hope House really got into the spooky spirit of Halloween with a giant pumpkin. A family friend of a student in Hope House generously donated the gigantic pumpkin for Brentwood’s Halloween celebrations. The Dixon family grow pumpkins competitively and unfortunately this gigantic pumpkin was disqualified from a competition due to a defect in its stem so they generously decided to donate the pumpkin to Hope House’s Halloween festivities.

Students in Hope House where quite surprised to walk back to the house and find a giant pumpkin one afternoon. Later that evening Mrs Hedquist announced the arrival of “The Giant Pumpkin”. The spirit of spooky season was elevated by the arrival of the pumpkin, especially for students who do not come from a country that participates heavily in Halloween.

Many students “Thought the pumpkin was shocking, unique and eye catching. I was filled with Halloween spirit” observed Sunny D. Halloween is certainly a heavily celebrated event at Brentwood and the giant pumpkin made it all the more enjoyable.

Georgia D, Hope ‘22

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