Hope House

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 - By: Lisa Marykuca, House Captain, Hope ‘22; Photo by Paul Fletcher

This September, Hope House was flooded with a wave of new students, shifting the house dynamic to be junior heavy. From the very beginning, we knew we had a strong group of Hopelings to fill our house with all the joy and excitement that Orientation always brings. The chaotic first week on campus began with the classic Hope-Privett speed dating, followed by tons of fun within the house. Shortly after, we took 1st place at Fun & Games, which helped us start off the Interhouse competition on a good note. This of course, continued throughout the year, as we won Eco-Challenge and the ever-important Airband competition.

As second term began and the gloomy weather started, we began to appreciate the little things in the house more and more. Tea time with Davey (TTWD) every Wednesday morning, watching movies after sign in on Saturday nights, and bathroom dance parties were all things we relied on to get us through to the sunny, warm, third term.

Though we may have struggled with some things throughout the year - like juniors being in bed on time - we’ve had an amazing year. Speaking for all of the Grads, we’ll miss hearing about the Grade 9 drama. We’ll miss sitting in the kitchen and listening to the 10’s talk about all of their favourite TV show guys, and smiling to all the 11’s freaking out about house and school leadership next year.

We’ve had an absolutely amazing group of duty staff in the house this year. Hope House wouldn’t feel like a home without each and every one of you, especially Ms Hedquist and Mr DeSandoli. A special thank you to Sassy, who will forever have a place in our hearts, and Ms Cuk, who is off to bigger, better things in Switzerland. We’ve appreciated and loved your presence in the house over the past few years, and will miss you endlessly.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking of the past four years in Hope. So many life-long friendships have been and will continue to be made in these halls. So thank you, to every single one of you amazing girls, for making this house a home.

Lisa Marykuca, House Captain, Hope ‘22

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