Hoops, They Head To Islands

Monday, February 10, 2020 -

This past Friday, 14 of the best Brentwood Junior Girls Basketball players started their weekend journey to Vancouver for ISAs. This skilled group of girls could not have been more excited about getting to know some of the tougher competition around the province.

The tournament started with a slow game vs. Crofton’s B team. This was not one of the girl’s best games, but they still managed to come away with a 44-21 win. Miranda NP, Alex ‘20, despite a nagging ankle injury, was awarded Player of the Game. When asked her thoughts about the first game, she responded: “I thought we worked hard even though our shots weren’t dropping.” This was very true for the girl’s first game but they managed to work even harder in their second.

The second game, against Crofton’s A team, was a much closer and more exciting contest. This game was the determining factor of who would move on to play powerhouse SMUS in the finals. A great start by Alex H, Hope ‘22 helped the girls to finish the first half leading by 15. As the game continued, the girls kept dominating and 20 minutes later we had qualified for ISA finals. The team and coaches were pleased with their outstanding work ethic and Jensa NG, Mack ‘23 was named Player of the Game.

Some things should never be spoken of again: the Rogers boy’s hair, Mr. Patel’s attitude towards Grade 8s, and this ISA final. Going into this game, the girls were expecting a tough match up. Sadly, at the end of the first quarter, the girls were down by 20. At the half, Ms Napier decided it was time to put on our press. At the end of the third quarter, after countless forced turnover by SMUS the girls were only down by 8. With the end of the fourth quarter just around the quarter, the chance of getting gold started to slip from the grasps of our hands, however, the girls brought some grit and with Sophie B, Mack ‘22 and Jensa both draining two threes, the girls were back on their feet.

Suffering a 15 point loss to BC’s second-ranked team and earning a silver medal was not the worst outcome possible. Ms Napier exclaims that “This game was a great opportunity for us to see what SMUS will throw at us at Islands next weekend.” Islands are the next event the girls have marked on their calendars, which will be a great chance to see some of our provincials-bound opponents.

We will host the Junior Girls Island Championship February 13-15 in the Foote Centre.

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