Honouring the Muse

Monday, November 05, 2012 -

Most boarding schools have great teachers, a rich and challenging curriculum and small classroom sizes.  As well, though they may have different sports, most quality boarding schools have a strong athletic program with competitive sports teams; students are encouraged to participate and to be fit.

All the great boarding schools will offer some arts choices, visual or performing, so that their students have a taste of the aesthetics.  Many tuck their arts choices within their morning programmes; students must choose between, for instance, pottery and drama.

At Brentwood, we celebrate and honor the Muse within us all. At Brentwood it’s ‘and’ not ‘or’ when it comes to artistic opportunities.

At our school, the development of the artistic side of an individual is as essential as the athletic and the academic. Our Tripartite system honours this by creating three afternoons each week when the entire school population chooses two or more of our 33 arts options (more if you include dance clubs and individual music instruction).

Brentwood has had 23 Alumni compete in each of the last 10 Olympics and many more at national and World Championships.  When attending Brentwood, all of them participated fully in our arts programmes and we like to think that this attention to the creative side, their muses, helped in their entire development.  By default, they became more focused, creative, curious and well rounded.

The Arts Programme at Brentwood is a differentiator. It is one of many things that sets our school apart from other boarding schools. Over 12 hours each week is dedicated to the arts with 33 choices from which to select. While many schools claim to help develop well-rounded students, their programmes often heavily favor athletics.  Brentwood is proof that the two can live together in perfect harmony and that individual success will be enhanced, not diminished.

*Pictured above on the right is Clifton Murray (Class of 1998)  singing with the Tenors (@tenorsMusic).  When Clifton was at Brentwood he was, among other things, a star basketball player, rugby player and the lead role in our musical South Pacific.  In 2006 Clifton honed his acting skills in the Hollywood movie “She’s the Man”.

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