Hockey Night in Mill Bay: The Saville Cup

Thursday, January 21, 2016 - By: Tom HL, Rogers '16

January at Brentwood is an exciting and busy time for the Ice Hockey teams. With Showcase Hockey just days away, the team is training harder than ever. Still glowing from our 6-2 win against Kelsey, and a 6-1 victory over Shawnigan, we prepare to face St. George’s on Saturday night for the annual Saville Cup game! Hockey Night in Mill Bay!

For me the Saville Cup (previously known as Showcase) has always been the highlight of my 3-year career at Brentwood. Every seat in the Kerry Park Arena is filled with cheering fans. The pressure of that game is unmatched by any other I have ever played. Every hockey player on that ice gets a taste of what it would be like to play in the ‘big league’ with all the cheering fans.

To score a goal in the Saville Cup hockey game is an unmatched experience; let’s just hope we can have quite a few of our skaters feeling that thrill this Saturday night!

Tom HL, Rogers '16

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