Hockey Banquet 2022 - One Last Cheer

Friday, April 01, 2022 - By: Lucca P, Whittall ‘22

The spring term has already started, with both the Senior and Junior Boys Rugby teams competing in their first exhibition games on Gillespie Field, in the final week of school, versus the hefty competition found in the lineups of St. Michaels University School. Likewise, Lucas K, Whittall ‘22, is thrilled that golf is starting up again and believes “a strong provincial run for the competitive team” will come soon.

Head Coach Mr Shadlock wanted the hockey program to gather one final time. We did just that in Crooks Hall. In hockey, and really any competitive sport, athletes are always encouraged to earn their minutes or to earn their spot on the power play. To remind us players of this principle one more time, we all had to meet at our locker room before we could go to dinner as a team. Gathering all of our gear and labeling our bags & sticks for storage really made the seniors in the room realize that we may never play organized hockey again - youth hockey we will never play again, for sure. We swept the place clean and headed to dinner.  

The kitchen staff prepared over 60 steak dinners, which felt fitting, considering all three teams have just reached the end of a beefy season lasting from November until just two weeks ago.  

The three senior team Captains selected a handful of students to present a short speech, thanking those who have dedicated their time and effort to the program this year. There was some laughter, especially when Max S, Rogers ‘22 emphasized Coach Spotts’ mispronunciation of “pinny.” When Coach Spotts says “pinny”, nobody can tell if he wants you to wear a pinny, or if he wants one of those copper coins our country eradicated some years ago. Coaches of the hockey program aren’t just in it because of their love for the game: it is evident to all of us players that they are in it because they care about us. Although not all students spoke, the gratitude towards the coaches and coordinators of the program was recognized and felt by everyone in the room.

Amy & Emily P, Mack ‘22 have been instrumental in the newly established Girls Hockey Team. As Captain, Amy was awarded  her jersey to keep, along with Trekker, J, Ellis ‘22, Captain of the Senior Boys Team.

To end the banquet, Kameel A, Privett ‘23 put together a slideshow of the best photos he captured throughout the year. Kameel had this to say about his experience being a part of the program: “Over the course of the year, it was both a joy and an honor to watch and photograph the hockey teams play, win and grow together. The players demonstrated some of the best sportsmanship I’ve ever seen: they put their all into every game and would not hesitate to support their cohorts whenever necessary.”

It was a good year and with strong leaders in the 2023 and 2024 class, the program is in great hands.  

Lucca P, Whittall ‘22

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