Historic Provincials for Senior Soccer

Friday, December 03, 2021 - By: Fabian H, Whittall ‘22

For the first time in Brentwood’s history, the Senior Boys Soccer team brought home Provincial gold.

The boys started off strong with an impressive 3-0 win in their first game against Sands. However, the next game posed more of a struggle. With a minute to go, the game was still tied at 0-0. At this point there was little hope until Youto I, Whittall ‘25 hit a strike out of this world into the top left corner. This secured the team a spot in the semi-finals against title holders, Notre Dame.

The semi-finals offered the toughest opponent yet forcing the boys to forget about the previous day’s success and settle on the new challenge at hand. The boys were 1-0 down and seemed to be getting outplayed by a team with two former Whitecaps Residency players. Nevertheless, a half time pep talk with Mr Barrett  changed the tempo of the game. With a new outlook on the match, the boys went out to fight for it and Thomas M, Privett ‘23, with an impressive individual effort, was able to capitalize on a chance to keep the team’s finals hopes alive. With the final score 1-1 and extra time not being able to settle it for either team, it was forced to penalties. This shootout had everything from a smashing top corner finish to a walking run up and a Grade 9 scoring as Dylan G, Whittall ‘23 made the greatest impact with a heroic save that got the team into the finals.

With their spirits high, the boys knew that this would be the most important game of the season and began to mentally prepare themselves. The opposing team was Carihi, which we had previously lost to in the North Island Finals. However, with less muddy conditions and much more favorable weather, the boys were able to have a more positive outlook on this game. And so with Avik B’s, Privett ‘23 first header of the season, Brentwood took a 1-0 lead. Although the boys tried everything to hold on, an unlucky last minute goal forced the game to another penalty shootout.

Thomas M, Privett ‘23 settled the nerves with the first kick of the shootout while Carihi sky rocketed the first shot above the bar. Carihi’s second shot didn't look much different with it bouncing off the bar and over the net. With the fourth kick, Avik B, Privett ‘23 walked up to take the title home: “I knew what I had to do and had nothing on my mind except placing the ball into the net” - which he did.

The boys raced across the field to celebrate the historic win. However, some wobbled across like Oscar L, Ellis ‘23 who put all on the line and broke his leg in the Final and Captain, Sebastian M, Privett ‘22 who could not be more proud of what his fellow teammates were able to accomplish: “It was all I could have wanted at the start of the season and this being my last year it makes it all the more special.”

Thanks to Mr Barrett, Mr Reynolds and Ms Calhoun for all of their efforts this season.

Fabian H, Whittall ‘22

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