Here’s To Term One

Friday, December 15, 2017 - By: Emma H, Allard ‘18

A highly anticipated event for the students and staff is the Christmas Lunch on the afternoon before Christmas Break. With Mr Collis juggling flaming pins, a surprise visit from The Grinch and Mrs Reynolds, Mr Norman & Mr Griffiths busking outside Crooks and and many other teachers caroling inside, it couldn't get much better. 

But it could! 

The teachers served the students onion rings, Mac & Cheese, sausages & eggnog for lunch. Who would have thought being waited on by your teachers would be such a highlight? I mean, after writing a 90 question quiz for Mr Carr earlier in the day, this was the least they could do for us! 

After the lunch, we all said our goodbyes to our friends in other houses and the cleaning and packing in our own residences began. With rooms to tidy and house kitchens to be scrubbed, everything needed to be spic and span! 

After everything was in order, everyone spiffed up and stuck with their houses in order to celebrate the end of the term and the beginning of break. After fabulous celebratory dinners off campus, each house went back and slipped into their pajamas for the fun to continue. Hot chocolate and house traditions, including Secret Santa for some, ended before the students had to get up to catch early flights and ferries. 

Eyes were filled with tears of joy to go home and tears of sadness to leave our Brentwood family. We’re looking forward to break as well as excited for 2018!

See you January 3.

Emma H, Allard ‘18

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