Here we go again

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 -

So the dust has settled.  The new students are adjusting and have already become members of the ‘current student body’.  Members of Admissions teams around the globe are already setting their sights on ‘next year’ and calculating the amount of spaces that might become available and seeking more efficient ways to get the word out about their schools.

At Brentwood we have always prided ourselves on the impact of positive word of mouth.  Each year we find that most of our students choose our school because they have ‘heard such great things’ about us.  This is obviously important to us as it is direct feedback from the greater community.   Increasingly, however, our school is discovered by students sitting with their laptops, Ipads or Blackberries and ‘googling’ boarding schools in Canada.  This year we have students  from Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Italy who have found us this way.  Students who knew not of our existence seconds before clicking onto our website are now sitting in our classrooms.  It is an exciting time to be in Admissions.

As I prepare my travel plans for this year, I am realizing that the world is shrinking faster than I could have ever imagined possible.  The clash of cultures of a decade ago has morphed into the reality that those of such diverse backgrounds can co-exist so easily, so quickly and so seamlessly .  Ethnicity, difference and diversity are badges that are worn with pride at Brentwood and each year the badges become more noticeable.

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