Heading to the Head of the Gorge

Wednesday, November 02, 2011 - By: Brian.Carr
Brentwood college School Rowers heading to the Head of the Gorge

A few weeks ago Joel B asked me if I could get an entry into the Head of the Gorge Regatta. Between the Thanksgiving holiday, the Green Lake Crew visit and the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, I forgot to get the entry in on time. Joel, the persistent one, asked me again at the beginning of last week. I phoned and, luckily, got an entry.

Then we had to find four guys to row the quad. 

That was not a hard task! There were a number of boys who wanted to row with Joel and Jeff B. Welcome Nick R and Lance B; now we had a quad. Time to practice the crew…

How many times did they get a chance to row together? Once. 
The 2000 meters up to the start line. I told them two things before they went out on the water: 1. Finish together - make sure the releases are at the same spot and 2. Have fun.

When I saw the boys in the last 500 meters, they were rowing well together and the boat was flowing. It took a few hours to hear the results, but in the end we won the youth event by 12 seconds over Calgary and 25 seconds over VCRC. We would have finished second in the Open division as well as the Open Masters division. So we achieved both our goals. We rowed well and we had fun.

Next stop for Jeff and Joel (Ian S and Jon H) is the Head of the Lake. For Nick and Lance, more training and erg tests just around the corner!

Mr. Brian Carr, Senior Boys Rowing Coach

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