Head of the Charles Regatta

Thursday, October 27, 2022 - By: Kai CM, Rogers `23; Photo by Spencer Manton

Last weekend our senior rowing teams traveled to Boston to compete at the prestigious Head of the Charles Regatta. The hosts over 11,000 competitors from around the world on 4.8 serpentine kilometers that runs under six bridges on the Charles River.

On Sunday both the Men and Women's coxed quad had their race and fought hard keeping in time with one another and passing the competition. In the Men's shell (Bow #30) Justus dG in was stroke, Ty D in three, Warren L in two, Kai CM in bow, and Nicolas E coxswain. In the Women's quad (Bow #33) Anika E was in stroke, Chloe H in three, Emma K in two, Felicity B in bow, and Annika M as the coxswain.

This was one of the longest races that Brentwood rowers have faced, however, because of our hard work, dedication, and hours of practice, the Women were able to place 11th, and the Men tenth. No small feat. The Men were the fastest Canadian team in their event, and the second fastest single highschool team. The Women had the fastest last split in their event and were the third fastest single highschool.

A quote that really drove the Men’s team from Mr Calder was “Just two seconds”. In a race two seconds (or strokes) can mean the difference between tenth place and fifteenth. With that in mind, we made sure to drive hard on every single stroke making sure that we gave it our best. Both teams did extremely well and enjoyed what Boston has to offer; the team was graciously invited to tour Boston University's boat house and meet with several Brentwood alumni at the regatta.  

A big thank you to Mr Calder and Ms Manton for taking us on this trip and making sure that everything ran smoothly. We are all honored to have been able to attend this event and hope that future Brentwood rowers will be able to compete for years to come.

Kai CM, Rogers `23

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