Hamlet in a Hurry

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - By: Chidinma A, Alex ‘17; Photo by Jim Ganley

Many of us remember Hamlet as Shakespeare’s longest play, often running more than four hours, but my Literature 12 class was recently able to perform it all in just minutes. On Tuesday Mr. Collis’ English Literature 12 class performed our own five minute version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The abbreviated version of the great problem play was cast and written by Mr. Collis, with the help of Tyra C and Dina I, who produced, filmed and directed. 

Students were required to gather their costumes, memorize their lines and respond to their cues as they put on their best impressions of the characters they had read and written about during the months prior to their performance. 

The class took on the actions of a travelling acting troupe and began our series of shows with the Grade 8s who welcomed us with encouraging, albeit confused, gazes. The morning continued with a series of performances in the Arts building, including a special one for Mrs. Widenmaier’s AP Literature 12s. Then it was on to the spacious Learning Commons, where all were welcome to enjoy the show. We then continued in the Ross building, with a grand finale for Mr. Warner’s Pre-Calculus 12 class, who were in great need of a little bit of comic relief: all stops were pulled. 

And if you’re ever in need of a kind ear, feel free to turn to Emma F, who was a favourite as Hamlet’s dear friend, Horatio.

Chidinma A, Alex ‘17

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