Halcyon Days

Tuesday, July 05, 2011 -

Summer in the Admissions world has a completely different vibe to it. The incoming students are allocated to dorms, new house and class lists are created, and calls from anxious parents are fielded. Personally, the feeling of contentment and pride is much like I imagine how a farmer must feel as he or she nears the end of a bountiful season; I have immense gratitude for the families who have entrusted us with their children.  I am anticipating an amazing year ahead.

Brentwood has one of the largest boarding populations of any school in Canada (and most of the USA).  This makes it especially gratifying as we reflect on this past year with all of the hundreds of families met, the countries visited, and the students interviewed. While the task of filling so many beds each year may seem daunting in September, by the following summer completing our objective of matching superb young adults to this special school is overwhelmingly satisfying.

Anyone who knows about our school completely understands why students want to be a part of it. It is easy to see why Brentwood College School continues to be so successful. What makes me most proud is the quality of the students we are able to attract. I truly believe that in the fall of 2011, we will have one of the most promising intakes of students in recent history. There will be just over 160 new students joining us in the fall; hold onto your hats because we have an amazing year ahead of us and I am tingling with excitement!

In these halcyon days of summer it is time to briefly reflect upon the unparalleled successes that our school has had this past year; academically, athletically and artistically. It is also a time to look forward with great anticipation. For those of you following my blogs, thank you for your loyalty and feedback over the year, I have really appreciated it.

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