Grit, Joy & Kayaking in the Rain

Saturday, September 26, 2020 - By: Cole K, ‘25; Photo by Dan Norman

On Wednesday September 23rd, the Grade 8 class went for their first kayaking PE class with lead instructors Mr Norman and Mr Thompson. We kayaked off the Brentwood docks and went to the left of the school all the way to The Mill Bay estuary that you can walk to via the road north of the school.

We learned there is an old, abandoned fish hatchery past this secretive estuary where they cart the fish on a rail all the way to the highway where a truck waits to transport the fish to a spawning ground. We visited the fish hatchery and enjoyed a very informational lesson from Mr Norman.

It was raining and that was one feature that people weren’t overly thrilled about, but once they were actually on the water kayaking, we realized that it wasn’t that bad and it got much more enjoyable as the morning progressed. As I said, many people weren’t very excited about kayaking in the rain, but the fact that everyone was out on the water participating in the fun activity was what mattered the most. That is a very good example of what it means to have grit. Grit is one of Brentwood’s core values, one to live by. Grit is doing something that you are not wanting to do but you go out there and you overcome that obstacle: that is what having grit means.

While we were out on the water, we got to see and experience different types of local marine life. We saw geese gracefully flying out of the water, and a seal pop its head up a couple of times near our kayaks.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the kayaking experience was racing each other from one log to another one. Our class can be very competitive sometimes and this was one of those times. The air was filled with laughter and joy as we raced each other in our kayaks.

The kayaking experience was very enjoyable for many people including myself. Thanks to our teachers and Mr Norman for making it happen.

Cole K, ‘25

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