Grit and Joy

Tuesday, April 03, 2018 - By: Alex T, Allard ‘18

“Grit and joy… and grit … and joy”. These words seem to repeat naturally. Grit and joy followed by more grit… and more joy. These words are the mantra of Brentwood, but what do they mean? 

In a school-wide presentation on Friday, February 23rd, RFA and new Brentonian, Ms Moyra Bell spoke to the students about grit and joy, and what it means to our peers. 

“What does grit mean to you?” “What does joy mean to you?” She had interviewed Brentwood students, asking these questions and speaking to students of all grades, houses, and genders. The answers varied, but the general idea was the same. 

Grit meant sacrifices, it meant commitment, and it meant devotion. Joy meant reward, it meant happiness, it meant motivation. 

Grit and joy are a cycle, a perpetual chain. Late nights studying, long practices, early mornings, stressful tears, working hard. The perfect grade, the winning shot, an acceptance letter, a smile on someone else’s face, something to work for. 

Watching the presentation of our peers showed that it really is the students of Brentwood who adopt this culture of grit and joy. Linnea B, Allard ‘18 called the presentation “a reminder of what we work for at Brentwood, what keeps us motivated and striving for our best.” It is we who take the mantra of the school and bring it to life. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. 

Alex T, Allard ‘18

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